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Only 4 Weeks Left! Meet Your Legislators!

Do You Know YOUR Candidates? Do you need help finding out? This year's Election Day is only a month away, please take advantage of the opportunity you have before you this month. NOW is THE best time to go out and meet your legislators. Regardless of who wins; try to meet them BEFORE they win the election.

This is a picture taken with my FL House Representative at an event I found out about on Facebook. During their campaign, they are much more approachable and easier to talk to, so take advantage of the timing! If you don't know who the candidates are, I can help. Let me know your address as listed with your Florida Voter Registration. IF you promise to follow up on the information and make contact, I’ll do the research for you and send you the names of the candidates running in your district along with their contact information. Regardless of what your party affiliation is - KNOWING who is running for your local offices is critical. Our issues as a profession is bi-partisan; meaning it doesn’t matter what political affiliation you subscribe to, they all discriminate against our profession in some way. The issue of our medicine being discriminated against by the modern western medical system goes way beyond party lines, faith lines, race lines, cultural lines and belief lines. In my opinion, it's all because of a lack of real understanding. Once they have a better understanding, the discrimination will end. Unfortunately, as a culture we've been indoctrinated with the idea that the western medical model is the only one. That causes OM to be put under that umbrella, and that puts us in the far end of the peripheral of the medical system. Fixing THAT is huge - but possible. This is why we are all on the cusp of something great - if we are willing to keep up the fight and get out there and keep educating our communities! They will eventually listen, even if it takes a lifetime. At a minimum, every 2 years we need to get out there and meet, support and help our local candidates. Right now is the time they are having their fund-raisers, and other events. Watch the ads that are being run on TV, Facebook and YouTube to see which races are really heating up. Meet both sides. Right NOW is the best time to get with them. After the election, it’s much harder to get a meet and great. Go on Facebook and look up their political pages. I've been invited to many events just by following them on FB. Otherwise, maintaining your monthly financial support to the Society, to protect our Florida license, helps keep me and the organization up and running. Even if you are not politically active, and you don't really care about the election that is coming up; it is important to get out and vote - it’s our civic duty as a citizen and especially important if you have an acupuncture license. Every practitioner across the State of Florida has an opportunity to voice your opinion with your vote. If you’d like more information about how to get out there and meet your candidates and legislators, reply to this email and lets talk. I’ll be doing a live/virtual training on how to talk to your legislator and the candidates that are running. If you'd like to participate, email me and I'll send you the information. You can attend live or get it online. You can sign up here: Thanks for taking the time to read this, talk to you soon. Mary PS: I’ve actually picked up patients by being active with my community’s politics. You never know who you end up talking with, so remember to have some business cards in your pocket when you attend an event! Click here to join or donate! Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, AP, DOM

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