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Tip #3 for more referrals!

I know it's been a while - back in December my husband almost lost his leg. We went on a Harley Davidson tour of Cozumel, and well, he hit the turn wrong, and off we both flew. I was fine, just a little banged up, but he didn't do so well. For the past 8 months we have been rehabing his leg, so life has been even more complicated!

Anyway, I am so grateful that I have business systems in place in my clinic, so we havne't missed a beat. I'm busier than ever! This, even with added stress of being a care-giver at home, and having all the responsibilties of our househole on me now.

So, my next tip for you, to increase referrals, is to do an outstanding inital evaluation. This first visit with a new patient will either cause them to be a patient for life and use your clinic as a first stop for all their healthcare needs - not the last stop.

I learned how to do this type of evaluation years after graduating Oriental Medicine school. What i learned in school was an OM examination - tongue, pulse, palpation, etc. I don't do this until the 2nd visit, AFTER I've had 60 min conversation with them about their current issues, but more importantly, what's gone on in their past. By the end of this visit, they really feel listened to, and understood. And you get ant in depth understanding of them - but you need to ask the right questions. That is a training for another time; but until then, try implementing at least one of these tips this week!

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