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Don't forget to Vote!

Hi everyone!

It’s a big election year, both federal, AND our local representatives and senators here in Florida!

Regardless of who you vote for - it’s so important to vote!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been busy helping the campaigns of our Tallahassee champions, and let me tell you - it helps! We may not have tens of thousands of dollars to contribute, but by showing up and getting “yard signs” and putting them up around their district, makes a big impact. They will remember you - especially when it’s time to contact them for their help.

This upcoming legislative session is sure to be a big one for our profession. We are looking at dry needling for physical therapists coming back, again. And we have to stay proactive in educating our legislature and regulatory officials.

I know most of you are so tired of politics and the last thing you want to hear about is more suppression of our profession - me too! But, I LOVE what I do, and the past 20 years in the clinic have been nothing short of amazing and miraculous. This is why I keep at this - if we don’t protect our own license, no one will do it for us. When a license isn’t aggressively represented and protected, it can be changed and sometimes even eliminated. Look at the history of the naturopathic profession in Florida. They HAD an amazing license and practice act; but it was eliminated over 50 years ago - the law is still on the books, but no licenses issued in decades. This is just one more reason why I stay tenacious with political activism.

I invite you to join us! Now is the time to join or renew.

If you’d like to join, I have a few election year specials on membership.

For FSOMA members, get a BIG discount! If you select professional membership, add coupon code “fsoma” and get an annual membership for only $175. (I will be checking your member standing with FSOMA)

For everyone else, add coupon code “tally” to get an annual membership or renewal for only $395. to sign up.

Thanks for reading this, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

In Health,

Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, AP, DOM

President, Florida Society for Doctors of Oriental Medicine

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