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PTs and DN at it again!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, has it been a busy year! And, just when everyone was getting comfortable with the Dry Needling issue being won this year – it has reared its ugly head yet again!

The State of Virginia is asking for comments on this issue, and I have to say, the public support for Dry Needling is alarming. Go to this link to post your comments:

My comments to Virginia are at the end of this email. What happens with this on a national level will affect how difficult it is next time the PTs in FL make an attempt at DN legislation. They will use what is happening in other states to support their position.

The state of Virginia is asking for comments, each and every one of you who is reading this email, needs to post a comment.

Also, you NEED to continue to support at least one state organization. Without your support, we cannot continue protecting our profession. The Society uses all of its resources for political activism, what Isn't’t covered by membership, my clinic donates. I personally, have been involved with Florida acupuncture politics for 20 years. Just like you need to stay on top of your continuing education, you NEED to stay on top of the politics. Each person on our legislative team, which includes our lobbyist, have decades of experience in navigating Florida politics; both legislative and administrative. Our team is committed to protecting our primary care status, and your help is necessary to continue our mission.

Alas, only a few of you stay consistent with support and involvement. Just because you can’t actually “see” what is happening behind the scenes, you forget how critical it is for the stability of your license and scope of practice. Without political representation and public awareness, all of us that are licensed are at risk of our medicine becoming a “boutique” practice instead of become part of “standard of care” - which is my vision. The dry needling issue is just one more symptom of the bigger problem of the public being unaware of what is possible for their health using our medicine.

Now is the time to renew your membership, and help us continue the work. Also, become a part of the Society’s 300 warrior members. Go here for more information and to sign up:!the-300/c1st5

To my warriors I say: Thank you for your support! We couldn't’t do it without you!

In the upcoming year, we will continue to educate the legislature, the Department of Health, and their support staff. We have educational initiatives we are also working on, and of course – this year’s Acupuncture Education Day in Tallahassee.

I will continue to become friends with key legislators, and keep my fingers on the “pulse” of what’s going on in Acupuncture politics in Florida.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year,

And Happy Holidays to All of You!

In Health and Wellness,

Dr. Mary Riggin, President

Florida Society for Doctors of Oriental Medicine

This is my post on the State of Virginia’s web site:

Thank you for the opportunity to post the following comments on this subject.

· First, it is important to understand that dry needling is the practice of Acupuncture, and is not a new modality.

· It is irresponsible for undertrained physical therapists to practice acupuncture with the name of "dry needling".

· Acupuncture laws regarding education were established by Virginia Law in 1994, to avoid any risks to public health and safety. Now, these established laws are being violated by “recreating” the practice of acupuncture and call it “dry needling”.

· PTs who use acupuncture needles for dry needling are violating FDA law.

· For more information on the safety implications of this issue, please visit:

For more information on the Licensed practice of Acupuncture, please visit:

Thank you again for the opportunity to educate you about this extremely important issue.

In Health,

Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, AP, DOM

President, Florida Society for Doctors of Oriental Medicine

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