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1) If you missed our July Legislative update, you can get the updated scoop on what’s going on now, and what happened at the end of session and what happened during the Special Session in June. Just scroll down.

2) A quick note to remind you that our political and public relations fight is ongoing - we'll be back in Tallahassee next week!

3) To those that have contributed, thank you for supporting us! We couldn't do it without you!

4) To those of you that said you would contribute, and forgot, just do it now!!buyitnow/c1zh7

I hate politics just as much as you do, but I realized early in my career that it was a necessary evil.

It’s all because we are a part of a very small group that is making history – by helping navigate the way Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is being integrated into our mainstream medical system; everyone’s participation is vital. None of us has the luxury to say, “Oh, someone else, who is better than me, will do it.”

Reality check: you are the someone else. You qualify because you are licensed.

We all got in the same boat when we decided to go to Acupuncture school, get the education, sign off on the schools loans, take the tests, and eventually get the license. Unfortunately, we are a small group of about 2000 in the state of FL. As compared to any of the other medical professions where there are tens of thousands of licensees. They only need a small percentage contributing a small amount, to accomplish their goals. Just look at what the Physical Therapists are doing nationwide with dry needling. (If you don't know, check out the Legislative updates posted earlier this year for details.) Of the 2000 licensees in FL, only a very small percentage stays diligent in their practices and their support of the profession through association membership.

To those of you that support the cause through membership, donations and participation - THANK YOU AGAIN! Your participation keeps us going and has helped create one of the best practice acts in the country. You and I are making history!

Yes, we are making progress! Awesome news for us, and our communities because the reality is, our medicine changes lives, for the better, without a “release of liability, just in case – oops we kill you.” On a grass roots level, and through patient demand, we keep growing as a profession and as a viable option for citizens to use us as their primary care medicine in our state. Unfortunately, professional participation has stalled in the past 15 years.

What is needed, on a continual basis, is more public education and branding.

It’s the only way we will thrive in our professional community.

And, believe or not, there is another Special Session convening next week in Tallahassee. We will be there taking advantage of all the legislators being in one place at the same time.

What have you done to protect your profession in the past year? At the very least, consider financially supporting our efforts. Every little bit helps.

Please go to our web site and pick your level of participation.!buyitnow/c1zh7

Thanks for your support!

Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, AP, DOM

President, Florida Society for Doctors of Oriental Medicine

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