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Your questions answered!

Hi! I’ve had some great questions come in over the past few weeks, and in the middle of the trainings, we had a big need and call to action for our political issues and many of you stepped up and joined the 300. Now, I’m back on track and got your questions answered! In the next few days, I’ll get your next training out, it’s going to be one of the best yet. I’ve posted the answers to your questions.

Why can’t we get covered with ins. companies in the State of Fl. ?

The insurance statute would need to be amended in order to get coverage. This takes years of lobbying and a lot of money. This is one of the legislative measures we’d like to see changed, if we are able to rally enough commitments from Florida’s Acupuncture Physicians. This is something the 300 would contribute to once we have enough AP warriors making monthly or annual commitments.

Will acupuncturists be allowed to prescribe medical marijuana if amendment 2 passes in Florida?

The medical marijuana law did not list our practice act – so we would not be able to prescribe. This is one of the issues we keep running into. We have a great practice act that license us as primary care providers, but that status is not listed in many of the other statutes, like the one that regulates all healthcare providers, or the one that regulates insurance. This is really because our profession is so new, still, and we have limited resources so we are unable to get those issues handled. This is one more reason why we need more to step up and contribute to the cause. There are enough of us out there that have the warrior heart to say enough of the injustices; we must fight for our rights!

Best , cost effective source for malpractice insurance?

I use Wood Insurance,

Society members get a discount.

How does insurance reimbursement work here.... 30 yrs of wonderful private pay experience has me a little concerned

Regarding insurance, I would defer to the experts on that. I’ve run a busy cash practice since 1996. What I’ve heard is that in some areas coverage is great, in some areas, not so much. I think it’s a geographic issue, as well as what you consider “great”. When I’ve heard of some of the reimbursement rates, I consistently collect more in pre-paid packages. But, I don’t try to sell treatments – that’s like an expensive Tylenol – I present the concept of results and a treatment package to achieve those results. So it really is a matter of taste, preference, and perception.

What are the best ways you have identified to find patients that truly want to use our services as medicine? I get a lot of patients who just think 'it's trendy and cool' to try acupuncture but often times they have no true need for follow ups because they just want to know what it's like because they are pro-wellness.

This is a tough one, and where education is the only way to approach this. The idea that symptoms are the only indicator of illness is insane. This is where evaluating subtle signs, indicators, pulses, and tongue, ROM and palpation, is where you are able to show where there are imbalances and stagnation. Again, lots of education. I would suggest classes in your office explaining the difference between just treating symptoms, the limitations of labs, and how OM can help you achieve optimal health. In the trainings I’ll be offering, I’ll be going over how to do this, step by step, so they understand and can make an educated decision.

What are the top 2 most important marketing strategies beyond a great website?

Educate your community, educate your patients. This is the biggest reason the masses aren’t knocking down our doors. They have no idea how amazing our medicine is, and that it fills all the gaps and deficiencies that our modern system struggles with.

Get out into your community. Public talks at health food stores, community centers, networking groups, personal interaction is the best way get the word out about what you do. But, make sure you ask about their issues, and make them an offer! I’ll be going over this in detail in future trainings. There’s a very specific method of asking that gets them to say yes, I’ll come in!

What if anything is going on with personnel injury coverage with the judication that took place?

My understanding is that it depends upon the insurance company, some companies are reimbursing with a referral. The word in Tallahassee is that PIP may be repealed all together, and there is a push to go to Bodily Injury - like most states in the country. So, in my opinion, PIP shouldn’t be relied upon for long-term reimbursement feasibility.

There is a rumor floating around that injection rights are being taken away from acupuncturists in Florida. Any info on that?

The AIT law is written in our administrative code that the Board of Acupuncture has the ability to keep or repeal. I helped write that law when I was a member of the Board of Acupuncture, and it’s a solid law. As of now, I don’t know of any initiative to repeal that law.

I just hired a cma. She is certified to do injections for a md. Can she take out Needles in fla?

I'm going to give you the answer I heard the BOA attorney give someone years ago when asked a specific question (not this one though)... "I don't know, can she?"

I can't give you legal advice, but I can tell you this, any actions we do in the clinic under our license must be justified if asked. If you want a concrete answer, you need to ask an attorney for legal advice.

What is the status of "bone setting", manipulation, adjustment, or similar names that are something like chiropractic? Is it OK to bill 98940, 98941 spinal manipulation or 98943 extremity manipulation? I am referring to the Florida licensed acupuncture physician.

This is a difficult question, and I defer to the insurance specialists out there. There are billing companies that deal with acupuncturists billing. They would be the ones to ask.

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